Bungienetplatform Wiki


Each API endpoint is located under https://www.bungie.net/platform. Some endpoints require you to be authorised and cannot be used without additional parameters being passed to the platform. All endpoints return RESTful JSON .

Minimum Request Requirements[]

When making a request to the platform, you must include the following headers in addition to standard HTTP request headers (i.e. Host):

Requests should be made using HTTPS.

Minimum Private Endpoint Requirements[]

In addition to the minimum request requirements above, private endpoints requiring authentication must provide additional details when making requests to the platform. These include:



Bungie.net needs to identify which account is making a request, which is of course done using cookies. You will need to provide, at a minimum, the following cookies:

  • bungleatk
  • bungled
  • bungles (no longer needed)

You should also provide the following cookies to aid in diagnostic tasks:

Minimum Response Details[]

Each endpoint returns a single JSON-encoded object with at least the following properties:

  • ErrorCode (integer)
  • ErrorStatus (string)
  • Message (string)
  • MessageData (object)
  • Response (mixed)
  • ThrottleSeconds (integer)

Response Check[]

If the request returns the error 'WebAuthRequired' you can use the APItest script to find the problem.